A Good Reason Why You Must Stop Charging Your Phone Overnight

Today On i would be talking about one of the things that all smartphone users are guilty of. It is the habit of plugging in your phone on the charger while you sleep. This is normal if you are a phone freak like me. You know my phone is like my mobile office, i eat and sleep on my phone. And hey! Its also my source of income but here are a few things you might want to know regading the habit of charging your device through out the night.

Charging your phone overnight reduces the battery capacity much faster. This won't be so if you charged just for a few hours during the day.

This was further highlighted by Hatem Zeine as he confidently said that charging the phone all through the night results in your phone being on the charger for 3-4 months a year and this innevitably lowers the capacity of your phone's battery.

Truth is that modern day chargers are designed with the ability to automatically stop charging the very moment the battery reaches a 100% charge mark. Other topnotch devices have quality charges with the ability to prevent the release of more power than is needed by the device.

Experts also opined that our batteries are mostlt harmed by what is known as "Trickle Charge"

What Is Trickle Charge?

Trickle Charging simply means charging a fully charged battery at a rate that is totally equal to its self charging rate. This however enables the battery to remain at its full status. Trickle charging helps retain battery power especially when the phone is not in use. I Guess it works better when the device is switched off.

Its not like you'll see the battery die so quickly, but the effects of over charging your device battery is highly innevitable. It may actually take up to a couple of months before you begin to notice the rate at which the battery dissipates and this is where your worries starts. Just imagine a phone that lasted for 6 hours now lasts for only 4 hours. Yes, Thats how it starts.

How Do You Save Your Battery From Overcharging?

In order to prevent your battery from over charging or being damaged, here are a few things you must do

1. Plug your phone to a charger once the battery is at the 35% mark

2. Ensure your phone temperature is cool while its charging. This is very necessary as heat may affact the IC Or some delicate components of the phone

3. Do not wait for the 0% Notice before charging your battery. I usually begin to charge My phone as soon as it gets to 50%.

Now that is all about saving your battery life by not overcharging your phone during the night.

Its a post on why you must stop charging your phone overnight.

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