Huawei: Meet All New Huawei Y6 Pro (2017)

huawei y6 2017 version

From the stables of Huawei, the top selling smartphone brand after the iPhone, we've just received another news. this time it is the release of another astonishing device from Huawei.

This time, the new device has been named Y6 (2017) Pro which comes as a successor to Y6 Pro (2016) produced last year.

The 2017 version of the huawei Y6 pro was launched in europe and currently features some upgrades you wont find on  the previous version.

The Y6 Pro 2017 came with a lot of improvements that arent common with the 2016 version and one of this improvement is the metal body which is not same with the 2017 version of the Y6 Pro. 

Also, tHe Y6 Pro 2017 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor processed by mediatek.

The Y6 Pro (2017) aside from snapdragon 425, the new device now has a finger print sensor on the back panel which can be used to control a lot of other features in the device. Among the few things you can do with the fingerprint sensor includes the ability to control alarms, answer calls, control notification bars and take a shot while the camera is on.

Y6 Pro (2017) also glows on a 5.0-inch IPS Display with a resolution reaching over 1280 x 720 pixeks. You will be wowed to also know that the new device runs on a 2GB and stores on a 16GB ROM and also supports MicroSD just incase you may need some memory expansion.

As for the Camera, you would enjoy a 13MP rear camera alongside a 5MP Selfie Camera. Battery is huge. A total of 3200mAh.

Colors include Black, silver and Gold.

This is virtually all there is to know about the Huawei Y6 Pro (2017). I know you love Huawei, Please share to reach other lovers too.

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