Do You Know You Can Still View Pictures While On Facebook FreeBasics?

If you are a Nigerian, with an active Facebook account, you'd probably heard or known about Facebook free basics or probably used it too.

Now if you've been a regular user of Facebook freebasics, you'll agree when I say its usually hard to see graphics or pictures while airtel freebasics is active.

Do I need to tell you it feels like blindness to use Facebook freebasics? 

Well, not really. Its actually useful to many of us on Facebook since it saves us the cost of buying data to update status, chat with friends and family but truth still remains you can't see an image while using that.

Well, on this post today, I'm going to explain a few steps that would enable you see graphics or images, pictures of your friends while on Facebook freebasics.

To do this, quickly follow the steps highlighted below.

Steps To Enable You See Pictures On Facebook free basics

Step 1: Now assuming you've downloaded and installed the Facebook Lite app, open it and log in (if it's your first time using it)

Step 2: After about a minute, close the app and turn off your Data connection

Step 3: Go to your phone Settings, scroll down to the Application Manager, locate Facebook Lite and tap on it, then clear the data of the Facebook Lite.

Step 4: Now, switch ON your data again and launch your Facebook Lite app

Step 5: Re-enter your login detail and there you are my dear.

Materials You'll need to Tweak Facebook Free Basics
You'll Need;
1. An Android Device
2. 9Mobile or Airtel SIM card without airtime or active data plan
3. The Facebook Lite app - download and install it via Play Store by click here.
4. Your network should have at least a decent 2G service, but 3G or 4G are better.

To confirm this action, you'll notice that the app would refuse to load initially as you try to login, if this happens, then you'll need to exit the App (Facebook lite), then launch it once again.

See image below

As you relaunch it, it'll load and then you'll be welcomed to Data Mode and you're also going to see the option to switch back to Airtel Free mode.

If you don't accept the prompt to switch back to Free mode, you'll be able to see pictures or images as you scroll through your Facebook timeline.

Yes, you can share with others too.

Note: You can't use the free basics to Watch videos on Facebook.


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