How To Configure Apple Pay Cash On Your Device

apple pay cash set up

Back in June 2017, Apple announced Apple Pay Cash feature which is designed to work as a peer-to-peer system. What that means is that if you're my friend, an iMessage user like myself, we can send and receive money from one another.

I also means you can pay your landlord right from your device without having to go to the bank or whatever. Well, i am going to talk about how you can make the Apple Pay Cash Work For you. Just read along dear.

Minimum Requirements To Use Apple Pay Cash

If You're wondering if you're qualified to use the pay cash feature on your apple device, here are the minimum requirements.

1. You must have an iOS 11.2 Running On your device
2. You must live in the US
3. Your Two-factor Authentication must be enabled on your Apple ID account.
4. Ensure there is a Debit or credit card linked to the wallet App. This is a must for the apple pay to function effectively.

And now lets talk about How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Your Apple ID Account

1. Scroll to Settings
2. locate iClod (Usually at the top of the settings app)
3. Hit on Password & Security and then
4. Two-Factor Authentication.

Follow the prompts to successfully set it up

To Add your card, Open wallet and hit ont the "+" sign just at the top right corner.

After that, scan your card and input every other details that makes your card valid and you're good to go.

I Hope you understand the only possible way for you to install iOS 11.2 is by signing up for the public beta program on apple's website?

Now you know. lets move to the next frame...

Below is a picture to describe the initials setup of the apple pay cash feature.

Now if you have installed iOS 11.2 on your device you'll be seeing a welcome message the very moment you run the messages app. A Message notifying you of the new Apple pay Cash feature on your device. Now you simply hit on Continue and acceot the terms and conditions and wait a little for apple to create your Digital Apple Pay Cash Card.

Now Lets Talk About How You Can Verify your Identity For Apple Pay Cash.

In order to successfully verify your identity, you quickly launch the wallet app, hit on Apple Pay Cash Card and hit on "i" (i should have a circle around it)

After that, hit on Verify Identity. At this point, you'll be asked to enter some personal information such as your Name, SSN (Social Security Number), DOB (Date Of Birth), home address. You may also be asked for a picture of your driver's license or ID.

How To Add Cash To Your Apple Pay Cash Card 

Before anything, i would like to make it clear that your Apple Pay Cash Card is designed to work like a Digital Bank Account. With this, it therefore implies that you can add money to the digital in order to save the cash or to enable you shop when you cant carry you usual debit or credit card around.

Pay Cash Card works just like Square Cash or Venmo since you can receive money from a contact with it.

Now here is how you can add money to your Apple Pay Cash Card.

Simply do the following:

Hit settings
go to Wallet & Apple Pay
scroll to Apple Pay Cash
now hit Add Money and enter the amount you wish to load the card with and you're good to go.

Now that is how to use the Apple Pay Cash feature currently running on all apple devices Running on iOS 11.2 Platform.

This is indeed one of the features iPhone x, iPhone 8 Users would enjoy without stress, and so if you have the old devices, quickly get a new one. Unless you're like me that has never used any apple device since i can't afford it... Lol

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