How To Easily Turn Off Auto Brightness On iPhone X

One thing i know you're gonna find a little hard doing on your iPhone x is turning off the auto brightness which i believe has a way of reducing your battery capacity if you do not turn it off.

Its not like its impossible, Its just a bit hidden but this post will make it easy for you to locate and turn off Auto Brightness on your iPhone X.

Just concentrate the image below and i promise you'll find it totally easy to turn off the auto brightness feature on your iPhone x

how to turn off auto-brightness feature on iphone x

Here is how to turn it off

1. Click On Settings
2. Hit On General
3. Click on Accessibility
4. Display Accomodations
5. Slid the Switch Next to Auto Brightness to the Off Position

Now Read the notice below as you turn off the feature you'll read something like
"Turning off auto-brightness may affect battery life and long term display performance.

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