Tutorial: How To Free Up Some Space From Drive C In Any Windows PC

Now we are going to learn how to free some space from drive C in any windows PC. Truth is that as far as windows PCs are concerned, the drive C gets filled as we install more and load files, folders and data on to the PC. 

Do not forget these files and data are all stored on the Drive C.

This tutorial is very important as it would help you control your drive c, it would help you prevent th drive c from getting so filled that no files and data can be entered into it again.

So to begin, what do you do when your drive C is become critically low especially when it begins to show red instead of the normal blue color it used to while there were still enough space in it?

Well, there are actually 2 options for you here, the thing is one option could be more expensive than the other one.

Option One: Free Up Some Memory
Option Two: Get a New Hard Disk (The expensive option)

Well,  i am going to consider option one here, so just sit back and read on.


In order to be able to free up some space from your Drive C, Simply follow the following steps.

Step 1: On Your Laptop Keyboard, Press the windows button + E. (This takes you to the storage page where you'll be able to see the Drive C Or C: Drive)

See Image 1 below
Image 1 showing Drive C

Step 2: Look up towards the left, you'll see "System Properties"

system properties
Image 2 showing system properties

Step 3: Click on "System Properties"

Step 4: Click On "Advanced System Settings"

As you click on that, a new window will pop up, on this pop up, you'll find "System Protection"

step 5: Click on that.

If You clicked on that, you'll be able to see options such as:

  • Configure settings
  • Manage disk space
  • Delete restore points

Step 6: Now click on Configure Settings

Now as you click on CONFIGURE, another page comes up. On this page, you'll see 3 other options:

  • Restore system settings and previous versions of files
  • Only restore previous versions of files
  • Turn off system protections..

Step 7: Place your mouse icon on the first option...

Step 8: Under disk space usage, i'll advice you adjust to 50%

Step 9: After this, just ensure you look down in order to locate "Delete" and hit on it.

Once you hit on this delete, a lot of memory will be done away with. This leaves you more space on your drive C

Now thats how to free up some space from your Drive C When it begins to show Red

NOTE: The images were from a Pc Running on windows 7 Ultimate Operating system.


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  3. Terrific post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject?
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