6 Ways To Make Legitimate Money Online In 2018

Today On Schoolnaija, I'm going to take us through some easy and updated ways to make some extra cash online in Nigeria. I'll list as many as I can but its left for you to make one or 2 choices, work on yourself and get down to business.

1. Drop Shipping.

This may sound quite new, I do agree with you but its one of the common ways to make money. Its not common when compared to other money making ideas I'll mention here though.

Drop shipping involves you creating an online store where these items would be displayed for potential buyers but in the real sense, you actually never owned these items on display.

Now as a buyer places an order, you quickly run to your manufacturer with whom you've had an agreement on commission per referral or sales. The Manufacturer would in turn package the goods and deliver to the buyer.

This is one legit way to make money online. Now let's see another idea

2. Match Betting

Come on, do not frown at the mention of Match Betting as a means of making money online. Its one of the legal ways of making money online in the world today.

You love football, you are a keen follower of EPL, Champions league, Europa leave, FA Cup and all the leagues around the globe today? Now you can make money from these games by simply predicting who wins a game. Match betting is one cool way to make money online today.

Now let's see another idea

3. Coding

If you're a person who knows how to code, then you're just one of those most wanted guys in the cyber world.

All you need is get listed in one of those freelancing sites like Up work, fiverr, etc. You can also create apps for companies and get paid.

Aside from these, you can create websites for people and get paid for it.

That's a way to make money you know...

4. Photo Editing.

If you have some skills using Photoshop or knows how to use other image manipulating softwares out there. You can actually monetize this skill and watch it fetch you some income.

You can rank a gig on fiverr where companies or individuals would be ready to offer you some good coach to edit or do some touching effect on their pics. They will pay you  something nice.

5. Social Media Marketing.

This is another fast growing Niche in the world today. Its fast growing because businesses, industries and outlets are fast realizing the potentials of social media. Based on this realization, there is need for social media managers who can update a company's social media, come up with an exciting content and do all that is necessary to increase the number of followers.

If you got this skills, then its time to turn it into a money making something and stop being broke.

6. Content Writing.

As far making money online is concerned, many people do not see themselves making some cash from writing.  Well, writing to make money online is one good way to make money especially if you've got account with any of the freelancing websites like Freelancer, Fiverr, upwork and several others out there.

You can start with  copy writing and other forms of it and within a short while, you'll see this cash coming to you.

One thing is that you must be ready to hustle, I know a guy that doesn't sleep as he's supposed to because his gigs on fiverr are constantly driving so many buyers to him.

He doesn't sleep much but he makes enough to foot his bills, and buy him a car, he's currently dealing with his building projects within the city.

That's the power of working online.

So if you've got any of the skills mentioned above, why not monetize it?

Don't forget the 6 money making skills I've mentioned here.

I'm sure you're good at one. Harness your ability and make something out of it.

You know I always want the best for you.

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