3 Things To Make Your Facebook Account Hackproof

As far as facebook is concerned, following Three Security Options makes your Facebook Account Secure and Hack Proof. You can also follow the additional link in the last paragraph to read on how to stay safe while on the internet.

Before I list the 3 things you could do to make your Facebook account hack proof, I'll like to let you know that the one thing that can make your Facebook 

3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Facebook Account Hack Proof.

1) You can enable Login Notification.

This means that whenever any body (or a hacker) tries to login with your User ID and Password, you will receive a Notification on your cell phone and you will come to know that it's time to change your password right now because the hacker has got your password and is trying to log in to your Facebook Account.

To Enable Login Nofication
Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security -> Login Notification. Put a Check Mark on your preffered option and 

click Save Changes button.

2) Always check your Active Sessions. 

If you notice any unfamiliar location or device, it means your Facebook Account is at risk. Just click on End Activity and don't forget to change your password after that.

To Check Active Sessions
Go to Home -> Account Settings -> Security -> Active Sessions. 

3) Enable Secure Browsing to make your account more secure.

Go to Home-> Account Settings -> Security -> Secure Browsing.

You can see other interesting tips on how to remain safe while on the internet and social media on

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