10 Easy Steps To Pay Your NEPA Bill Online

"Every Nigerian smartphone user has the ability to Pay your NEPA bill Online, but they're often too scared to try".

There is something you have never tried that I think you'll find very much useful.

It is: Paying your NEPA bill Online

This means you can recharge Prepaid Meter Right from your Bank Mobile App with the simple steps I'm going to highlight on this post.

This is very very important cos the person that decided to integrate that ability on your Bank Mobile App is not a fool.

This same thing exists on:

Diamond Bank Mobile App
First bank Mobile App.
Access Bank Mobile App

I don't want to believe Ecobank has it also but I think its there

Zenith Bank has it on their App
Union Bank has it too.

How to Pay NEPA Bill Online In Nigeria
In order to be able to pay your NEPA bill online, you must follow the steps below:

1. Quickly launch your Bank Mobile App

2. Click on the Gear icon located at the left hand side of your screen

3. Click on "Pay Bills"
Now you'll see a list of Payment Portals such as Schools, shopping, etc

4. Quickly scroll down to "Utility Bills"

5. As soon as you click on "Utility Bills", you'll see names of companies that offer related services.

6. Now since your intention is to buy Units for your prepaid meter, quickly select the name of the Distribution Company in charge of your area.

7. Now you'll be prompted to enter the " Reference Number"

This number is right there on any vending slip (slip printed for you every time you recharge your prepaid meter from NEPA Office)

8. Quickly enter the reference number as is on your previous slip
Enter your mobile number

9. Now in some cases, you may get the pin automatically, at some other time, you may have to wait for some minutes for this to be sent to your phone.

Now when this series of numbers is sent to you, quickly enter same by using your Prepaid meter's handset or keypad

10. On entering the last digit, punch ENTER


Your power is restored already

Note: The interface may differ depending on your Bank App

Now that's how to pay NEPA bill online if you're within the 4 walls of the country.

Ask any questions you may have

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