How Do I Know If My Data Was Accessed By Cambridge Analytica?

cambridge analytica scandal

A lot of users become scared when they hear their data has been accessed by "Cambridge Analytica", but truth remains there is a possibility that even the wailers never had their data leaked.

Truth is that face has since 09/04/2018 began to notify users whose data were accessed by Cambridge Analytics with a popup at the top of the news feed.

Well, alert doesn't come easy too but right here on this page, we will show you a very wonderful tool to help you check if your data was accessed by Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Now to know if your data was accessed, quickly visit this facebook support page, log on to your facebook account and look a bit down till you see the Was My Information Shared" section. You'll definitely get an answer.

If you got a message saying your account data was accessed, you'll receive some useful information on ways to to tighten your account. You'll also get to know what was shared.

Now let it be clear that if at any point in time in the past, a friend accessed "This is your digital Life" App, then be rest assured that your data and not your friend's may have been shared.

If You're a Nigerian living in Nigeria like myself, i do not see any reason to worry if you never used the app mentioned above. 

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