Top 7 Features I Find Most Interesting In Samsung Galaxy S9

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You're welcome to yet another powerful post on crafted mainly for the just announced Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. This time, i am going to throw more light on some of the mind grabbing features you'll love an S9 For. 

Just sit tight and watch me talk about these.

Top 7 Features in Samsung Galaxy S9, S9 Plus You'll Love

As you know, Samsung galaxy S9 was announced recently, with that, it therefore means several users with S8 Would want to upgrade their devices and so this post is just to ensure you wield your device like a Pro.

1. Swipe Down to Respond to Notifications

Lets assume you reading an article just like this one and then a beep sound comes up, the new swipe down feature ensures you respond to whatever notification without navigating away from this article.

all you have to do is just swipe down on an incoming message to expand the window. Now you can quickly reply a whatsapp text, text message or a ping after which you close the window.

Another cool thing is that the edge of the phone lights up informing you about an incoming message.

2. Landscape Is Available for Homescreen

With other devices, Seeing your home page and app icons in horizontal mode was never possible, this is absolutely possible with Our samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus.

This is cool too isnt it?

You can easily see all the features by watching this video by Cnet's Writer

To enable this on your device, quickly go to:
Settings-> Display-> Home screen-> Portrait Mode Only-> Toggle Off..

3. Selfie Background Blurred

There is a softtware on the S9 that Blurs the background on your selfie portraits. This means your face will be able to stand alone without that annoying background showing.

With this, you'll also be able to adjust skin tone and color.

To do This, quickly Launch The Selfie Camera and then select Selfie Focus

4. Samsung S9 Screen Resolution

With Samsung Galaxy S9, you can adjust screen resolution. You'll be able to switch between HD+, FHD+ and WQHD+, I must also warn that the higher the resolution, the faster your battery drains.

5. 2 Social Media Accounts On 1 Device

if you have 2 skype, facebook, whatsapp, snapchat accounts, you can easily decide to install 2 apps on the same device as well as be ensured that you'll get notifications if ever there is an incoming message on any of the accounts.

To turn on Dual messenger on Samsung Galaxy S9, Do this:

Goto setting
Advanced Settings
Dual Messenger

Now You're good to go

Another important feature available on Samsung Galaxy S9 is that which affords you tbe ability to increase screen sensitivity

6. What's My Blood Pressure?

You can check your Blood Pressure on the Samsung S9. This is only possible with the "Heart Load Factor" The HLF As fondly called is a feature that provides an idea of your blood pressure.

7. Secure Folder Obeys Biometrics

If you're a very reserved person like me, you want to have some Notes hidden away from every eye that wields your device, You know very well it took a lot to secure this in previous devices but with the S9, You can unlock this folder with any fingerprint, Iris and PIN.

What this means is that while your phone opens with your pointer finger, you may set up an entirely series of numbers to be used in unlocking the Secure Folder.

Well, i have shared 7 features you'll love Samsung Galaxy S9 For, you can suggest more of these features as well as share using any of the social media icons floating at the left hand of this screen


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