7 Possible Ways To Prevent Cultism In The World Today

7 solution to cultism

Now this is another important post i am going to make regarding cultism. On this post i am going to make a list of 7 Possible Ways to prevent Cultism In our society today.

7 Possible Ways To Prevent Cultism In The Society Today.

When it comes to the possible ways to prevent cultism in our world today, may i state categorically that even the most advanced countries in the world are still lost in thoughts as far as eradicating cultism is concerned.

But Lets just have a few suggestions

1. Since Cultism is more in the higher institutions, i therefore recommend that our institutions should work hand in hand with law enforcement agencies to ensure that cultists are brough to book

2. Another way to prevent cultism in the society is having a better eye in the home as a father, mother, guardian, etc. Pay close attention to your kids, bring them up in a way that will make it possible for them to know the several consequences of their actions. Teach them the acceptable behavior in our society too.

3. If you're a law maker in any of the high institutions in our society, ensure you push for strict laws against cultists and ensure these laws are not bent on sentiments

4. Encourage these young men to join groups, associations that builds the society and humanity rather than that which works to destroy human life

5. Public sensitisation exercises must be carried out. Billboards with warnings should be places in hot points within the campus to warn freshmen on the dangers of cultism.

6. The other point i want to make as far as Preventing cultism in our society is concerned is this. Capture the new students with more interesting things on campus. 

7. The government must stipulate capital punishment to anyone caught in the act, Any one arrested for cult related matters must be made to face the wrath of the law

These are 7 ways of preventing Cultism in Our society today.

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