How To Enjoy 100% Bonus On 9Mobile Data Subscription

enjoy 100% data bonus on 9mobile

I don't know if i should say 9mobile has become the best Mobile network provider in Nigeria. Probably because i have been using their services for months now without a single complaint. For this reason, i am going to drive more customers to 9mobile by writing on How to enjoy 100% Bonus on 9mobile data subscription

Truth is, my monthly data usage is quote high, that is not my problem anyways. My problem with a data service provider comes when the data i bought with my own money is not able to serve the purpose for which i bought it. 

That alone makes me want to break my phone or modem. But then, that happened when i used MTN, Airtel, Glo data services. it has never happened with 9Mobile.

I think 9Mobile deserves some #Accolades! lol.

How To Enjoy 100% Bonus On 9Mobile Data subscription

The best way to enjoy 100% bonus on 9mobile data subscription is to migrate to 9Mobile MoreCliQ Triff Plan.

  • To Migrate to 9Mobile MoreCliQ Triff Plan, quickly bring out your device and dial *244*1#.

Now after you dial that, you should be able to get a response from 9Mobile confirming your migration.

  • Now the next step is to dial *545#. As You do, you'll see a list of Options as in the image below.

how to get 100% bonus on 9mobile data

  • Now if you did dial *545# as instructed above then select "Enjoy 100 percent free data on purchase of 40MB to 500MB" by punching in 1

  • Now if you did all i said here, you should be able to get double data when you buy any 9mobile data package offering from 40 - 500MB

i hope this really works for you as a 9mobile subscriber.

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