How To Enjoy 100% Data Bonus For All MTN Data Plans

Before now, MTN Subscribers did enjoy 100% data when they tweak their IMEI Number, this stopped the very moment MTN and other data service providers discontinued their data services for blackberry devices. Well, you can still enjoy 100% bonus with your MTN Sim. This post will provide you the steps to doing this.

How To Enjoy 100% Data Bonus On MTN

As i mentioned in the paragraph above, you do not need to tweak your IMEI Number in order to enjoy this data bonus, all you have to do is:

1. Open your Message App
2. Write "DOUBLE" and send this to 131
3. On another message, write "PROMO" and send same to 131
4. Lastly, send "Free" and send to 131

After sending these messages, sit back and relax!

You should be able to receive some response from MTN

Response To Expect

First Response - Your Request has been received
Second Response - You have sent an invalid Command
Third Response - Dear Customer, Enjoy Data Offers On MTN Deal Zone, Dial *131*1#

Just as soon as you see the third message, proceed to purchase any data plan of your choice, You should be havig 100% data volume allocated as Bonus

Please Bear In Mind that If you do not get the 3rd message, you may not be able to enjoy the double data offer from MTN at the moment

Also share with others as i believe this may help them somehow

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