The Effect Of Cultism In Our Society

list effects of cultism in the university

Today i'll still talk about cultism. Just a little aspect of it that i feel you need to know. Topic? The Effect Of Cultism In Our Society. Truth is, we have always overlooked this little topic, but opening up on it i think will really help.

I have written a lot of article on this topic (Other Articles Related to Cultism), the previous topics written by me will be tagged along this post, so always look out for them as you uncover the Effects Of Cultism In Our Society.

1. We Watch Moral Decadence Wash Away: In our society today, we watch these cultists run around displaying their bad behavior and attitudes. This bad behavior has really affect the society a lot.

2. Violence: In the society today, we hear news of people dieing because cultists are on rampage, we hear of Young and innocent ladies being raped because cultists are on rampage, universities are sometimes held hostage when cult rivalry erupts too.

3. Where are The Social Values? One thing about cultists of today is that they have no iota of value or respect for human life. All they care after is their prestige and name, status and fame. Everything else goes. They do not give a fuck.

4. Increase In Crime Rate: I remember when a thief was caught in one house next to ours, the boy was asked why he decided to break into a home to steal, he said "after initiation, i was asked to go and rob, after robbing, i will become a bonafide member", that day, i wept because had it not been for the police that came and took this young one away, he would have lost his own life for the sake of something he has a wrong conception about...

The cultists of today are just after ill practices such as Armed robbery, murder, maiming, rape, evil plots, just name it.

5. Increase In The Rate Of Malpractice: When they spend all their time smoking and plotting evil, serving the evil aim of their superiors, there is hardly enough time to read and prepare for their exams. This often result to examination malpractice that may in turn lead to expulsion, waste of resources, etc

6. They catch young the innocent and timid ones in the higher institutions there by misleading these ones. Freshmen are always promised fame, wealth and connection as soon as they're approached by the older cultists, now what happens is that these freshmen actually meet something much more difficult than they ever bargained for.

Please Note: This article was written after a few research, reading through books and interviewing a few friends on the subject matter. The article is not intended to hurt anyone.

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