How To Download iOS 12 On Your Apple Device

First of all, i want to say i am so so sorry for not being able to make updates here on schoolnaija. The truth is i lost my adsense account with a large chunk of funds and the thing really struck me, but still. They can only take away the money, but you see, the desire keeps growing and the fire keeps burning. On this post, i would be learning with you guys how to download ios 12 for your iPhone, iPod and iPad for free.

How To Download iOS 12 For Your iPhone, iPod and iPad For Free.

You see, when after apple announced the release of iOS 12, it was also announced that the beta software would be released and made available for iPhone and iPad users. Truth is that from today, you can download iOS 12 for your device and this would be for free.

Is iOS 12 Compatible with my device?

If you're wondering if iOS 12 is compatible with your device, i am going to make a list of devices that are compatible with iOS 12.

1. iPhone X
2. iPhone 8
3. iPhone 8 Plus
4. iPhone 7
5. iPhone 7 
6. iPhone 7 Plus
7. iPhone 6s 
8. iPhone 6s Plus
9. iPhone 6 

10. iPhone 6 Plus
11. iPhone SE 
12. iPhone 5s
13. 12.9-inch iPad Pro (both 1st and 2nd generations)
14. 10.5-inch iPad Pro 
15. 9.7-inch iPad Pro
16. iPad 6th gen and iPad 5th gen
17. iPad Air 2 
18. iPad Air
19. iPad mini 2, mini 3, and mini 4
20. iPod touch 6th generation

How Can I Download iOS 12 For Free

If you're out looking for how to download iOS 12 For your device, here is how

1. Follow to download iOS 12 To your device (iPhone or iPad)

2. After downloading, sign in using your apple ID (must be that used on the device)

3. When you sign in, click on "Enroll Your device"

4. Keep scrolling till you locate "Download Profile", now tap on it

5. As soon as the profile is completely, quickly RESTART your device

6. Now switch on internet connectivity on your device and NAvigate to Settings> General> Software Update.

7.If You've clicked on Software Update, you must be looking at iOS 12 Public Beta Update right there on your screen.

8. Click on Download and then install it.

9. Afer the download, you'll see prompt asking whether you want to update or not. Do not keep staring, quickly Agree as doing this will install the update. 

Wait for your device to reboot

10. Tada. Your device is running on iOS 12

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