How to win Consistently in Sports Betting

how to win consistently in sports betting

This probably one of the best and most reliable internet resource you're going to come about as regards the topic "how to win consistently in sports betting". As we all know, one of the major aims of staking a few bucks on a football, basketball, favourite athlete isn't just for the fun of it, most times we do this as it serves as a cheap means of income and so it is very important for us to share the various ways to help you stay consistent on your sports betting business.

5 Powerful tips to help you win consistently in sports betting.

I know a lot of internet platforms would want to convert this as an ebook or something, but you see, I've been a regular staker for years now and I think it's best I share. Few things to help you improve your win rate.

1. Compare the Line ups

One way to win consistently in sports betting is to try and much as possible to understand the team lineup. This simply means you have to understand the potential of a few key players in both sides of the playing team. 

This used to be hard to achieve but recently, a few betting sites have found it easy to give a few heads-up by visually showing you the H-H history of both teams.

2. Remember History

Of course, history always has a way of repeating itself in the sports world. But most times, it's hard to predict when this historic events would tilt to your favour so as to give you the fortune you so desire. But, truth remains there are only a handful of teams whose history remains the same. You know The Turkey ligue 1 team Galatasary? Yea, I could tell they'll play a "Both team to score" in their next game. This is always about 90% true. This is a historic fact about Galatasary.

3. Don't fall for Odds

In order to understand how to win consistently in sports betting, I must remind you that whenever the winning odds of both teams are similar, then you must be wary cos it's certainly a tough one, in such a case, you may want to play safe by picking a 1/X meaning your favourite team either wins or draws the game.

4. Participate in Betting Forums.

There are several forums out there where tipsters from around the world converge to share their bets. These are forums where you should regularly visit and ensure to favourite the tipsters with more win percentage. 

I'm really not saying you need to copy the tipsters games and book them, all you need to do is look through his games, pick the one you feel is most convincing and stake on them. Websites like,, are forums where members and contributors share amazing games during the weekends. Frequently updating yourself, watching what other tipsters are putting their money on on sport betting forums is one step that would help you understand how to win consistently in sports betting.

5. Avoid Greed

I know you're in need of that huge fortune. I love hitting it big too, but sometimes just ask yourself, how many times do stakers really hit it big? A very few times in a month right? I know today might be your lucky day too but you see? You'll win consistently if you really focus on the games whose outcomes are very obvious. The odds night be very small compared to the amount of money you'll looking out to win this week, but it's good to stake and win something rather than staking and losing everything and this can only be avoided if you stake more on the surest odds, teams, best and most likely outcomes rather than staking because the odd is huge. If you stake without bringing greed into it, you're certainly going to find yourself winning your sports betting consistently even when others are grumbling and whinning over their losses.

Conclusion: How to win consistently in sports betting

So have you understood how to win consistently in sports betting from what we've written so far? Of course, it's not a total impossibility for you to win on a daily basis, but first you need to put in the work which includes making a few research on the teams you fancy, avoiding large odds and ensuring greed is off your betting habits. So now go out there and share with your beautiful and amazing friends this little information on how to win consistently in sports betting.

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